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Khalifa International Football Stadium Qatar World Cup 2022 FiFa Introduction.khalifa international Stadium.khalifa stadium qatar.khalifa stadium.

Khalifa International Football Stadium Qatar World Cup 2022 FiFa Introduction.

Khalifa international stadium most beautiful Stadium for  qatar world cup 2022.In may additionally 2017, qatar celebrated the reopening of its maximum cherished stadium with a fantastic inauguration rite and by way of web hosting the final of the emir cup. To heat up for its fifa world cup qatar 2022 fixtures, the stadium has hosted arabian gulf cup and fifa club international cup suits, as well as the iaaf global athletics championships.Khalifa International  Stadium 

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The brand new khalifa global stadium become brought through aspire region basis, one of the best committee for shipping & legacy's stakeholders.

Qatar's maximum historical stadium & a important player for 2022

Constructed in 1976 in al rayyan, khalifa international stadium has lengthy been the cornerstone of the u.s .'s wearing culture – and the gatekeeper to its promising destiny. This performed forty,000-seat area already has an illustrious hosting records, having formerly welcomed the asian games, the arabian gulf cup and the afc asian cup, among different events. Over time it has emerge as a worth ambassador for the center east, symbolising carrying excellence in all its bureaucracy. For people in qatar and the location, khalifa international stadium is an vintage buddy, a acquainted face which brings groups together.Khalifa International  Stadium

Located on the centre of all the 2022 venues, the stadium will play a pivotal role in this event, whose unique geography and superior transport structures will make it the excellent-connected worldwide football competition ever.

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A new look, new technology & a new legacy

The ultra-modern chapters on this veteran area's records have visible it assist the impressive aspire quarter to develop up round it and mature into a international centre of wearing excellence. In this wearing complicated, qatar's subsequent generation of skills is being honed at aspire academy, near aspetar – the sector's leading specialized orthopaedic and sports activities medicinal drug health facility – and the largest indoor multi-recreation facility inside the international.

Khalifa national stadium's futuristic new neighbours have end up part of this place's material, bringing with them bold ambition and a passionate choice to gain worldwide development through wearing innovation. 

The area itself has also gone through some adjustments. It now boasts an ultramodern form and twin arches that represent continuity and embracing lovers from all over the globe. Within the stadium, all seating regions are blanketed from the factors by using a cover, with similarly weather control delivered with the aid of superior cooling technologies. 

Khalifa International  Stadium Connected to the stadium thru a walkway is the 3-2-1 qatar olympic and sports museum, including to the appreciation of how this venue cherishes its beyond because it creates an thrilling future.

Qatar world cup 2022 all Stadium 


Khalifa international stadium – renovation

Architect: dar al-handasah

Yr: 1976

Area: al-waab street, baaya, doha, qatar

Khalifa International  Stadium-Khalifa international  stadium – renovationA rchitect

Dar al-handasah

Remodelation architect

Dar al-handasah, ghd

Structural engineer

Maffeis engineering spa

Creation business enterprise

Midmac-porr-six construct jv, projacs

Construction supervisor

Mohemed ahmed


Qatar country authorities

Constructed in


Remodeled in

2005, 2014 – 2017

Built-up place

Forty four,000 m2


Al-waab avenue, baaya, doha, qatar

Khalifa International Football Stadium Qatar World Cup 2022 FiFa Introduction.khalifa international Stadium.khalifa stadium qatar.khalifa stadium.

Khalifa International  Stadium.A few elements of this text had been translated the usage of google’s translation engine. We recognize the great of this translation isn't always first-rate and we're operating to replace these with excessive best human translations.


The capital of qatar prepares for the fifa international cups of 2022 with the development of modern stadiums  to get hold of a big number of audiences, in addition to the representative teams, equipped with the trendy technology.

Similarly to the brand new enclosures the metropolis reconditioned a multi-motive stadium constructed in 1976, the khalifa worldwide stadium (in arabic ملعب خليفة الدولي) additionally referred to as the national stadium. The name khalifa is in honor of the previous emir of Qatar, khalifa bin hamad al thani. Opened in 1976, it turned into renovated and elevated in 2005 for the 2006 asian video games. On the east aspect a huge arch opens, which turned into used as a platform to release fireworks all through the hole rite of the asian games. In 2009 it hosted the isf world school games. In 2011 the very last of the asian cup and the pan-arab video games turned into played.

After a new extension and renovation, 2014 – 2017, facing the 2022 world cups, the stadium hosted the 2019 world athletics championships.


The khalifa multi-motive stadium is part of the sports activities metropolis complex in doha, qatar. Qatar is officially the country of qatar, a wealthy oil nation and one of the emirates of the center east, located on a small peninsula in the persian gulf. Qatar is the primary us of a within the global in gdp in step with capita.

Khalifa International Football Stadium Qatar World Cup 2022 FiFa Introduction.khalifa international Stadium.khalifa stadium qatar.khalifa stadium.

Khalifa International Football Stadium Qatar World Cup 2022 FiFa Introduction. Seet and space.

Over the years, many new structures had been delivered to the landscape surrounding the khalifa worldwide stadium, reworking it into the aspire sector, a sports activities space par excellence of the emirate. One of the maximum placing additions is the inn the torch doha, in the aspire tower, a unique skyscraper built for the 2006 asian games, which watches over the sand and at its coronation suggests the well-known flame. Nearby is the hamad aquatic center and the futuristic-looking aspire dome sports middle. To all this we have to upload meticulously deliberate gardens, parks and trails.Khalifa International  Stadium


Maintaining the architectural integrity of this countrywide icon turned into an imperative part of the preservation and growth layout method, in particular with regard to the feature lights arch that extends via the facilities and the west stand, with its arched roof shape .Khalifa International  Stadium

The historic stadium underwent a comprehensive maintenance to meet the requirements and requirements of the fifa international cup stadiums, which protected the addition of a brand new building at the east wing, the construction of an olympic sports activities museum and the construction of a unmarried roof to cowl the entire seating region.

Extension and upkeep 2014 – 2017

After the final upkeep mission, evolved by using neighborhood architect dar al-handasah and the ghd studio, the stadium become converted into an ultra-modern region ready with current functions consisting of air conditioning generation, led lights and virtual reflectors, supplying most appropriate conditions for performance for athletes and an incomparable visible enjoy for spectators.

With the modern-day extension, a new stage has been introduced that increases the available seats of the stadium by means of 12,000, growing its capability to forty,000 attendees.Khalifa International  Stadium

The facade has been renovated and the ceiling has been extended all through the spectator region with an complex network of tensionedc cabgh00 tons and helping the ninety two panels that form it. The internal ring of this roof is connected to the two current arcs through tension cables. The roofs on the stands and part of the sector are protected with a 3-factor membrane that become used to satisfy fifa’s necessities concerning daylight at the gambling area.

The primary entrance to the stadium is made thru two ramps that quit beneath a big canopy whose roof is supported by way of 6 tubular metal columns which can be painted grey, like most of the tubes that shape the structural skeleton of the facade, seen around the perimeter. The front of this big canopy is arched and begins to rise from  robust pillars placed on its sides. In addition to this entrance, the stadium has severa entrances distributed along its circumference which are accessed by way of stairs, on which it is indicated to which part of the stands they correspond.

Within the east wing a new building containing vip lounges, sixty one guest suites, a media region, meals courts, stores, multipurpose rooms, a hospital, a sports museum and services that stepped forward the converting rooms were added .Khalifa International  Stadium

One of the maximum recognizable capabilities of the khalifa stadium became continually its double arches that are distinguished from the horizon appearing as a magnet for soccer enthusiasts of the center east and asia. These icons stay, but now there's a extensive deck that extends under them, complementing the stadium’s cooling machine to keep a cozy temperature for spectators.

A sophisticated cooling device has been located on the pitch that continues the vicinity at 26ºc and the stands at 24-28ºc for the duration of the year and makes use of forty% less electricity than conventional strategies. A technologically advanced cooling tunnel that runs 150mts from the stadium.Khalifa International  Stadium

Khalifa International Football Stadium Qatar World Cup 2022 FiFa Introduction.khalifa international Stadium.khalifa stadium qatar.khalifa stadium.

Khalifa International Football Stadium Qatar  Fifa World Cup 2022 Introduction.

In 2017, the stadium received a four-celebrity rating from the worldwide sustainability assessment machine (gsas), the first inside the global to get hold of this score.


In the enlargement and renovation of its structure, specifically strengthened concrete,  aluminum and steel have been used.Khalifa International  Stadium

The roof

The new roof covering the stands is supported by circular beams that function a framework for the location of a membrane synthetic with the combination of 3 products:

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452 m2 of ptfe fiberglass membrane.

On a floor of approximately three,252m2, on the leading fringe of the south side of the roof, a single layer etfe film supported by way of cables become used.

On the lower edges of the west side, close to the compression ring, the tensotherm ™ gadget, 2,100m2, an insulated and translucent tensioned membrane system that offers high thermal performance was included.

It is the primary time that these three blended substances are used. With its insulating abilities, the tensotherm fabric helps reduce the heat of the western sun closer to the stadium and will offer consolation to the spectators inside the face of the sizzling heat of the center east. Those membrane components were synthetic in japan and the usa. The steel cables that make up the network that helps the panels come from germany and italy.Khalifa International  Stadium

The massive cover of the primary front is lined with big terracotta colored ceramic portions which are repeated in a few other components of the stadium’s facade mixed with polished aluminum plates.

Khalifa International Football Stadium Qatar World Cup 2022 FiFa Introduction.khalifa international Stadium.khalifa stadium qatar.khalifa stadium.

Cooling machine

The khalifa international  stadium is the largest in the world outside to be cooled. For this motive, “urban refrigeration” has been used, a system that reduces electricity consumption and keeps both players and spectators secure, regardless of outdoor temperatures.

Urban refrigeration way that refrigeration generation is forty% more sustainable than conventional strategies. There may be an power middle placed one kilometer faraway from the stadium, from where the cooled water is carried through pipe to the place. Once the bloodless water arrives it cools the air, that's then pushed towards the center of the stadium, the playing subject and the seating areas, for about 500 vents across the stands. The cold air, denser, and therefore heavier, remains at the floor and stops the access of hot air.Khalifa International  Stadium

The cooling nozzles are particularly designed in qatar, with shifting plastic components which can be greater long lasting and permit air to be pushed into the region to be reached. It is a technologically shrewd machine which can manage temperatures in line with the premier conditions for the variety of spectators in the vicinity.Khalifa International  Stadium

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