Oxyjen crisis in India for Covid 19- corona virus lastest news update india

Oxyjen crisis in India for Covid 19- corona virus lastest news update india

You Can't Know That The Need for Oxygen Heat 4 Times: AIIMS Manager, Auditor A report circulated in the media states that Delhi "exaggerated" the city's needs four times during the second wave and excess oxygen supply Delhi "affected other provinces"

New Delhi: It would not be fair to say that Delhi "exaggerated" its four oxygen needs during the second Covid wave, AIIMS chief executive Dr Randeep Guleria - who heads the small team that led the audit - said in response to a report that sparked a new conflict between the institution and and the Arvind Kejriwal government of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the capital.

"The oxygen test in Delhi is a temporary report. We have to wait for the final report," Dr Guleria told NDTV thist morning.

Asked if the report exaggerated four times, Dr Guleria replied, "I don't think we can say that".

The case is in the Supreme Court. We need to wait and see what the high court says about it. The counting of active cases and other matters needs to be considered, "he added.

On Friday, a report circulated in the media - from sources close to the BJP - said the Delhi government had "exaggerated" the city's four-time air demand during the second wave and the over-supply of oxygen in Delhi "affected some means".

Central government sources said it was an interim report by a team of researchers in the Supreme Court. The Aam Aadmi Party government, however, insists that there is no such report and that the claim is "evil and false".

According to the report, the institute said the Delhi government used the wrong formula to calculate its oxygen needs and exaggerated in court on April 30.


"It was argued that there was a significant conflict (about four times) because the actual oxygen consumption (1140MT) was about four times higher than the estimated use of sleep energy calculations (289MT)," said a sub-report. and recommendations of the National Task Force on oxygen.

The small group, led by AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria, includes Delhi Governor General Home Affairs Bhupinder Bhalla, Max Health Director Sandeep Buddhiraja, Union Communications Secretary Jal Shakti Subodh Yadav and Sanjay Kumar Singh of the Petroleum and Oxygen Safety Organization.

This was noted in a study conducted by PESO - a central government unit - which is part of an interim report.

The report also revealed that Delhi's infrastructure was not enough to hold 700 MTs, which the High Court ordered the center to supply to Delhi.


Oxyjen crisis in India for Covid 19- corona virus lastest news update india

"My case is fighting for the lives of two people in Delhi," said Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal, in response to the report.

"When you spoke at the election rallies, I woke up all night planning for oxygen. I fought and begged to provide oxygen for the people," said Mr Kejriwal, as they dug up presidential elections for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in West Bengal.

"People have lost loved ones due to lack of oxygen. Please don't call them liars. They feel very bad," he added.

In April and May, Delhi was hit by a second deadly Covid wave that was taking its toll on daily lives, and left various city hospitals with severe oxygen shortages. Some of these hospitals even went to court for help.

The Supreme Court will hear the case through the provision of oxygen, including this interim report, on June 30.

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