Is France out of Euro 2021?Who missed the penalty for France vs Switzerland?Who scored the penalties for Switzerland?

Is France out of Euro 2021?Who missed the penalty for France vs Switzerland?Who scored the penalties for Switzerland?Who won France vs Switzerland 2021?How can I watch Euro 2021?mbappe religion muslim?Response to the French exit of Euro 2020

Is France out of Euro 2021?Who missed the penalty for France vs Switzerland?Who scored the penalties for Switzerland?Who won France vs Switzerland 2021?How can I watch Euro 2021?mbappe religion muslim?Response to the French exit of Euro 2021

I have no doubt the team's spirit. We relied heavily on the opposing attacks. In this tournament there is a high number of goals scored in building play. We have shown very little that every tournament Switzerland has won that."

Ex-France midfielder Patrick Vieira on ITV: "Missing a penalty, everyone can miss a penalty but tonight we have to give the Swiss team credit because I firmly believe that the best team wins today. The best team deserves to go to the next round and tonight is Switzerland. It was France's poorest national team. There was no meeting, no atmosphere. We didn't play as a team so we didn't have to go to the next round. "

Bixente Lizerazu on "We did not control the game. We completely missed the first half. It was better in the second half with Benzema, Mbappe and Griezmann. A credit to the Swiss players, who showed great mental strength. We remain faithful to their style. We were not physically high in the game. more. That was not enough to make a difference. From then on there is a lottery. "

Roy Keane on ITV: "Switzerland were dead and buried fighting, showing a high level. The French made the game a 3-1 victory. The match was made and it was dusty. Look at the players celebrating. They should enjoy these times. Beating France world champions. Night good. "

Speaking to ITV's Gary Neville: "You just know Mbappe is up. You thought 'no no'. He had a few moments in Extra Time but it didn't go well for him. He aspires to be a world-class player like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi but this is a small thing for him. "He is having a difficult time in this tournament and it is difficult for him to take his French team. To the Swiss I thought it was the right team for France to do all the attack for this tournament but the Swiss shocked us all. I was really surprised to see it 120 minutes ago."

DONE: Switzerland is over!

Kylian Mbappe stepped up to the plate and took the French sentence and became a hero, but instead Sommer became a fast-moving legend in Switzerland. What a time this is for the Swiss. These are the favorites of Euro 2020

Penalty 10: France ... MISS!

Kylian Mbappe stepped up to take the French sentence, but Yann Sommer is a hero. The Swiss goalkeeper has made great savings to keep France ahead.

Penalty 9: Switzerland ... SCHOOL!

Admir Mehmedi sent Lloris in the wrong way. 5-4 goes to Switzerland. Match point.

Penalty 8: France ... SCHOOL!

Presnel Kimpembe sent his rifle to the roof of the net, with Sommer having no chance. 4-4.

Penalty 7: Switzerland ... SCHOOL!

Ruben Vargas' effort saw Lloris get it, but it wasn't enough. 4-3 in Switzerland.

Penalty 6: France ... SCHOOL!

Marcus Thuram sends it across Sommer's reach, guessing the right way. Now it's 3-3.

Penalty 5: Switzerland ... SCHOOL!

Manuel Akanji sends it to the lower left corner, while Lloris is focused on his post. 3-2 to Switzerland.

Penalty 4: France ... SCORE!

Olivier Giroud sends Sommer in the wrong way. 2-2.

Penalty 3: Switzerland ... SCHOOL!

Fabian Schar sent Lloris incorrectly, sending it to the right. 2-1 Switzerland.

Penalty 2: France ... SCORE!

Paul Pogba sends it in the top left corner, sending Sommer in the wrong way. Phenomenal strike.

Penalty 1: Switzerland ... SCHOOL!

Gavranovic sends Lloris in the wrong way. Emphasis.

END OF OVER TIME: France 3-3 Switzerland

Neither France nor Switzerland were able to score in extra time, so we will go to penalties. It is noteworthy that Deschamps pulled Griezmann and Benzema, two of the favorites, to stand up and take the kick-kick.

Is France out of Euro 2021?Who missed the penalty for France vs Switzerland?Who scored the penalties for Switzerland?Who won France vs Switzerland 2021?How can I watch Euro 2021?mbappe religion muslim?Response to the French exit of Euro 2020

Minute 29: Sommer stops Giroud

Kimpembe's floating cross took over Giroud, whose head was safely rescued by Sommer. That was the opportunity for France.

28 minutes: Incoming fines

Looks like we're going to face a penalty, unless the champion can go up in these last minutes.

20 minutes: Mbappe missed a good chance

A good pass made by Pogba saw Mbappe have a good chance of scoring as he was one with Sommer, but the forward allowed it to fall into his body and he was badly shot with his left foot. After that, Mbappe was seen limping.

19 minutes: Mbappe shoots wide

Coman also handed Mbappe the ball, and his left shot was dragged out of Sommer's goal. The Swiss goalkeeper can watch it come out wide.

16 minutes: The second half continues

We are in the last 15 minutes of overtime. I wonder if we will see the goal ...

HALF TIME: France 3-3 Switzerland

There were no intentions in the first period of overtime. There are another 15 minutes left, otherwise we will go to penalties.

13 minutes: No one wants to lose

France and Switzerland do not create clear opportunities, neither team wants to lose this level of play. It will be interesting to see who pushes the winner in the remaining time.

Minute 4: Summer blocks Pavard!

Yann Sommer was in his power to block Pavard, who was free in the box.

1 minute (overtime): France restarts

Here we go another 30 minutes. I hope it will be just as fun as things were in the Croatian v Spain match before.

FULL TIME: France 3-3 Switzerland

France turned things around in the second half as they went from 1-0 down to 3-1 at the top, but two late goals from Seferovic and Gavranovic meant we would go into overtime. What a game!

90 + 1 minute: SWITZERLAND MUST!

Christian Fassnacht won the ball back to Pogba when the ball fell to Xhaka, who played a fine ball in Gavranovic's way. He then took one touch, removed it from Kimpembe and shot in the lower left corner. France 3-3 in Switzerland.

Minute 85: Switzerland emeasure ... but not allowed

Rodriguez's rifle got in the way of Gavranovic, who managed to control it and threw it across Lloris, but once dropped like that. The let off of France.


France lifted the ball high towards Switzerland but failed to find a way to pass, with Benzema's ball blocked, but it eventually fell to Paul Pogba, who touched before making a good effort to curl in the top right corner from 25 yards out. That goal is all but defending Les Bleus' place in the last eight, of course. France 3-1 in Switzerland.

Minute 68: Elvedi stops Mbappe

Pogba played a fine ground for Mbappe to run into, but Elvedi did well to prevent the Frenchman from being shot by Sommer's goal.


Benzema and France have turned things around in just a few minutes. Griezmann played two with Mbappe inside the box and then tried to drink Sommer. The Swiss goalkeeper was able to pass the ball to Benzema, who was heading home in the yard or outside. France 2-1 in Switzerland.

Ricardo Rodriguez pointed his penalty in the lower left corner, but Hugo Lloris got a firm hand in it. France is still alive!

Minute 53: The referee points to that!

After looking to monitor the VAR in the yard, the referee decided that Pavard had badly played Zuber. It is a punishment in Switzerland!

52 minutes: Swiss penalty possible

Zuber ran away from Pogba followed by Pavard, who appeared to have fouled the Swiss side after the break, but the match started. The VAR will probably look into this.

Is France out of Euro 2021?Who missed the penalty for France vs Switzerland?Who scored the penalties for Switzerland?Who won France vs Switzerland 2021?How can I watch Euro 2021?mbappe religion muslim?Response to the French exit of Euro 2020

Minute 49: Varane with a save-saving touchdown

Embolo passed Kimpembe in the box and hit a cross back in the six-yard box, but Varane managed to get a toe in it to divert the ball from Sferovic.

47 minutes: Griezmann captures the distance

Griezmann was looking to test Yann Sommer with a shot from 30 yards out, but it went with the comfort of a Swiss goalkeeper post. A sign of purpose from France, however.

46 minutes: Change France before the second half

Deschamps replaced Lenglet, who had made a mistake with the Swiss goal, and replaced him with Kinsley Coman. It looks like Rabiot will play at left-back, with Kimpembe joining Varane in the middle of the pitch.

HALF TIME: France 0-1 Switzerland

Les Bleus goes into the break following a 1-0 lead thanks to Seferovic's excellent title, although Lenglet's defense of the goal was doubtless to say the least. Deschamps' decision to switch to a three-tier defensive line did not go unnoticed in France, as Griezmann, Mbappe and Benzema failed to make an impact in the game. Switzerland, for what it deserves, is a very good defender and looks like a threat to dead football conditions.

37 minutes: France changes shape

France are back in defense of four men, with four full-backs now with Benjamin Pavard on the right back, Clement Lenglet and Raphael Varane in the middle, and Presnel Kimpembe out of position at left back. Deschamps test did not work.

Minute 31: Embolo does not communicate well enough with the subject

Shaqiri's free kick cross from the left landed on Embolo's head, but the Swiss striker failed to find a strong enough connection to the ball.

28 minutes: Rabiot shoots just wide

Rabiot tested his distance and pulled out a well-shot rifle that was already on his left foot and was flying just as wide as the right space. France could not portray Switzerland as open as it would like in these 28 minutes of opening.

22 minutes: France's imminent opportunity

Rabiot went forward from left back but saw his cross pass across the face of the goal, Mbappe missing a few inches. France looks very calm, but they need to step up their gear to get back into the game.


Zuber's floating cross from the left allowed Seferovic to climb over Letlet and direct his head in the lower corner. France 0-1 Switzerland.

12 minutes: Switzerland grows into a game

France continues to face many challenges as it moves forward, but Switzerland is facing it well and creating its own opportunities.

7 minutes: All of France is early

Switzerland already has some problems with two French players Karim Benzema and Kylian Mbappe, as well as midfield runs by Paul Pogba. It will be interesting to see if they are doing something.

Minute 1: Switzerland continues

The second final match of the 16th night has begun, with Switzerland starting things in Budapest.

20:45 CEST: Who will win against you?

After Spain's 5-3 win over Croatia in extra time, the winner of France and Switzerland will face La Roja in the last eight.

20:30 CEST: Recent France vs Switzerland record

France have a good record against Switzerland and are determined to keep this up for the double World Cup and European Championship. Today's game in Bucharest may not be easy, however.

20:00 CEST: No changes in Switzerland

Vladimir Petkovic selected the first Swiss team to beat Turkey 3-1 in the final group match.

Switzerland and France XI: Yann Sommer; Silvan Widmer, Nico Elvedi, Manuel Akanji, Ricardo Rodriguez, Steven Zuber; Remo Freuler, Granit Xhaka; Xherdan Shaqiri; Haris Seferovic, Breel Embolo.

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