Iran army force - iran army ranking in world

Iran army force - iran army ranking in world

Iran has fired more than a dozen missiles at two Iraqi bases occupied by US troops.

He has vowed to take revenge after the assassination of his most powerful military commander, General Qasem Soleimani, in an American drone strike at Baghdad airport.

So what do we know about Iran's military capabilities?

What arrows does Iran have?

Iran’s archery systems are an integral part of its military weapons due to a lack of air force.

Regional rivals such as Israel and Saudi Arabia have the technology to carry out air strikes with precision.

Iran in particular does not have this capability and therefore relies on launching missiles.

Iran army force - iran army ranking in world

A report by the US Department of Defense describes military forces as the largest in the Middle East.

It is impossible to give exact figures but the US-based Center for Strategic and International Study says Iran has thousands of arrows of more than a dozen species.

Iranian media reported that Fateh and Qiam's arrows were used in attacks on US territory.

Military analysts have also pointed to the use of these species based on photographs of areas of attack.

The Qiam-1 arrow has been widely produced since 2011, with a distance of up to 700km and a payload (indicating how much it can carry explosive material) of 750kg. Used by Iran against IS pilots in June 2017.

The Fateh archery category, which went into effect in the early 2000s, has a slightly lower salary.

The Shahab-3 internal ballistic ballistic variant has a payload of more than 750kg and a range of more than 1,500km.

By comparison, the US-built F35 fighter jet has a capacity of up to 10,000kg.

Iran has as many as 50 medium-range explosives and medium-range explosives and up to 100 short-range explosives, according to the International Institute for Strategic Study, a think tank based in the UK.

Iran is also exploring space technology to allow it to build missiles of various countries, according to a US report.

"Iran has a highly developed arcade of various weapons," said Jonathan Marcus, a Defense and BBC correspondent.

"They are reasonably accurate - but not as accurate or reliable as high-quality western systems."

Iran army force - iran army ranking in world

In any case, most of the targets in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf may be within Iran's short and medium-range missiles, as well as Israeli targets.

In May last year, the US launched an anti-missile defense program at the Patriot in the Middle East as tensions with Iran grew. This is aimed at combating ballistic missiles, flight arrows and advanced aircraft.

How big is the Iranian army?

There are an estimated 523,000 active Iranian workers, according to IISS.

This includes 350,000 in the regular army, and at least 150,000 in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

There are more than 20,000 service personnel in the IRGC navy. The group operates a number of armed cruisers in the Strait of Hormuz, which is the site of numerous disputes involving tanks marked by foreign missions in 2019.

A British-flagged charging ship leaves Iran

The IRGC also controls the Basij unit, a volunteer organization that has helped suppress internal conflicts. This unit can accommodate hundreds of thousands of employees.

Iran army force - iran army ranking in world

The IRGC was established 40 years ago to protect the Islamic State in Iran and has become a major military, political and economic force in itself.

His brief history: Iranian Reformers

Iranian top official killed by US in Iraq

Although there are fewer troops than regular troops, it is considered Iran's most powerful military force.

What about working abroad?

The Quds Force, led by General Soleimani, conducts secret operations across the IRGC and reports directly to Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. It is believed to have some 5,000 strengths.

The force has been deployed to Syria, where they have advised loyal forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and armed Shia militants. In Iraq, it has supported a Shia-led military that helped defeat IS.

However, the US says the Quds force has a broad role to play in providing funds, training, weapons and equipment to organizations Washington has selected as terrorist groups in the Middle East. These include the Hezbollah movement in Lebanon and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Iran army force - iran army ranking in world

Economic hardships and sanctions have hampered the importation of weapons into Iran, much less than in other countries in the region.

The number of defense imports in Iran between 2009 and 2018 was equivalent to only 3.5% of Saudi Arabia's imports at the same time, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

Most Iranian imports come from Russia, and some from China.

Does Iran have nuclear weapons?

Iran currently has no nuclear weapons program, and has previously said it does not want it. But it has many elements.

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