Can Indian football team qualify for World Cup 2022? Latest news updated

Can Indian football team qualify for World Cup 2022? Latest news updated

2022 World Cup qualifiers: How many points should India finish in third place?

My team tells you about the various situations in which India can finish third in the team ...

The Indian national team has secured the much-needed victory in its 2022 World Cup qualifier with a 2-0 win over Bangladesh last Monday. With three key points in their kitty, the team will now face Afghanistan in the crucial final match.

India kicked off their qualifying campaign with a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Oman at home followed by a goalless draw against Asian champions Qatar in Doha. In their third and fourth matches, the Blue Tigers ended in a 1-1 draw against Bangladesh and Afghanistan respectively but also suffered a minor 1-0 defeat against Oman on their way home in their fifth match. They will continue to lose to Qatar 1-0 before winning on Monday.

Although India are unlikely to qualify for the next round of World Cup qualifiers, there is still much to risk in the final. If India can finish at least in third place then they will be directly ready for the third round of qualifying for the Asia Cup 2023.

This is how the table looks right now.

Position Team Plays Missing Goals Scored Goals Against GD Points

1 Qatar 8 7 1 0 18 1 +17 22
2 Oman 7 5 0 2 13 6 +7 15
3 India 7 1 3 3 5 6 -1 6
3 Afghanistan 7 1 2 4 4 14 -10 5
5 Bangladesh 7 0 2 5 3 16 -13 2

What happens when two teams finish with the same points?

If two teams finish with the same number of points in the league then the following procedures will be followed during the level decision.

Overall goal difference

Total goals scored

Goals were scored far from home doubling the home number

affected (if the tie is between only two groups);

If two or more parties are equal on the basis of the above procedure, their standards will be determined as follows:

Can Indian football team qualify for World Cup 2022? Latest news updated

         5. The maximum number of points obtained in team matches between the parties involved.

         6. Goal difference created by group matches between the teams involved.

         7. The maximum number of goals scored in all group matches between the teams involved.

         8. A fair playing point system where the number of yellow and red cards in all group games is considered for the following reductions:

- yellow first card: take out 1 point

- second yellow card / indirect red card: three points removed

- straight red card: 4 points removed

- yellow card and straight red card: 5 points removed

         9. drawings by FIFA Planning Committee.

In the event that the tournament is played in one of the participating member states (in Qatar) or in a neutral area, if two or more teams are equal after the completion of the group stage in accordance with the above criteria 1 - 7 (block number 3), final standards will be determined by rules 8 and 9.

How can India finish in third place?

With Qatar and Oman trapped in the battle for the top two, Afghanistan and India are vying for a third place that will secure a place in the third round of the Asian Cup Qualification 2023.

After defeating Bangladesh, India needs to avoid defeating Afghanistan in its last match to finish in third place.

Afghanistan, after a 2-1 defeat by Oman on Friday, is India's bottom point at the table.

Afghanistan need to win against India to secure third place. Equally in this match it will make India finish in third place.

What happens when India finishes in fourth place?

If India finishes in fourth place and can also qualify for the third round of the Asian Cup qualifiers if they finish in the top four they will be in fourth place in all competitions. The remaining four teams in fourth place will advance to the Asian Cup qualifying round.

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